Since 1876, Éditions Flammarion has perpetuated the approach of its founder, Ernest Flammarion, publisher of Zola, Maupassant and Jules Renard as well as of the famous Traité d’astronomie populaire, the founding success of the Librairie Flammarion which was then located under the arcades of the Odéon theatre, by deploying it according to the requirements of today’s world. A century and a half later, Flammarion is driven more than ever by the desire to explore and share all arts and knowledge.

Literature of course, which thrives at Flammarion in all its forms and for all audiences: French and foreign novels, but also poetry, theatre, or literary reviews. The world of knowledge also continues to occupy a prominent place: from collections of essays and documents to the human sciences, as well as our heritage collections such as GF, Étonnants Classiques and Champs, and even medicine.

The leading publisher of art books in France, reference publisher in the field of lifestyle and more recently of illustrated books for the general public, Flammarion also has a long tradition of excellence in the field of coffee table books, which has been able to perpetuate itself to speak in images of the world today.

Finally, high standards and accessibility, tradition and innovation give an original dynamic to the Flammarion Youth sector, particularly through the Père Castor brand. This diversity and this desire to combine very different dimensions give a deep meaning to the commitment of a publisher with a unique face, which offers the French public over 500 new titles every year in the fields of general literature, reference, coffee table books, practical subjects and medicine.

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